Social Media Mix-Ups

Scared Child

It’s happened to the best of us.

You go to your phone, type in something witty and hit send. You continue about your day hoping someone will like or retweet it. Then someone does.

Then the horror hits you like a car crash you never saw coming. You sent a private tweet to your company’s account.

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Avoiding a PR Disaster


For weeks Chevy has been promoting #SilveradoStrong. Last week, the company narrowly avoided a PR nightmare. Applying the lesson learned from AT&T’s debacle Chevy pulled a potentially disasterous stunt at the World Series.

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Who Should Run Your Social Media Accounts?

Social Media Logos

We’ve discussed whether or not social media is right for your company. But the next question is who should run it?

A Critical Job

In the past, social media accounts were often run by interns. Many companies found themselves in a funny place where they knew having an account is critical to reaching their audience but didn’t know how to use it and certainly didn’t know how to use it for their company.

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People Are Still Using QR Codes?


QR Codes Happen

I have to be honest here – as a consumer I am so over using QR codes in ads. Seriously. When was the last time you got something useful out of scanning a QR code? Yeah. That’s what I thought. Did you know there’s even a tumblr dedicated to pictures of people scanning QR codes? Check it out. Yeah.

But as a marketer, I have hope. QR (Quick Response) codes provide lots of potential for marketers when used correctly. As a marketer, I always scan QR codes when I see them in the hopes of finding an innovative campaign that provides something I as a consumer would want or need to know. However, most marketers are using these inappropriately.

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Tweet for Gear



I don’t know about y’all but I go to the State Fair every single year. It’s probably because I get a free ticket at my job but you better believe I’m always there! And especially this year with Big Tex‘s grand debut!

Well this year Chevy was not playing around. They went all out with their digital marketing tactics and you better believe they took experiential marketing to the next level this year. They had a track every year for visitors to test drive Chevys every year but this year they had slapped the hashtag #SilveradoStrong and #Chevrolet everywhere! And one fascinating device was what you see above – a twitter activated vending machine!

I’ve actually seen this before. A few years ago my mom and I received free Tide pods for tweeting about them. But this time, Chevy stepped it up. As you can see, by the time I got there all the good stuff was gone. They only had Chevy baseball cards. As you can imagine, the line was long because everyone was curious about this fun vending machine. My friend who was there a few weekends ago received a $10 iTunes giftcard and said they had plenty of other things like Hot Wheels and other giveaways.

As it turns out, Chevy has done this before:

What Can We Learn?

This concept is much like the QR codes we’ve seen before. It’s a long, slightly complex action the consumer has to undergo in order to receive something in return. The genius part of it is that the consumer is tweeting about it and thereby helping to create a hashtag trend. But much like QR codes, the question of whether or not these will take off depends on what’s at the other end. Obviously for me, Chevy baseball cards were not worth it. (And as you can see, it wasn’t for many other either – everyone left once the good stuff was gone.)

What do you think? Would you tweet for gear?

Spin Doctoring: How Far is Too Far?


Earlier this year the Dallas business community was shaken by an investigation launched by the Dallas Morning News about a consultant who created fake Facebook profiles for his company to attack opponents. Shortly following the investigation the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) released a statement condemning the practice and banning the person from the association.

The fascinating part is that this isn’t the first time this has happened.

In July of 2012 Chick-Fil-A was accused of the same thing!

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